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About Us

Hi Diva, 

My name is Jacquelyn Wingfield, The Creatriss. I consider myself a Determined Individual who is Very Ambitious – a DIVA! And am in no way a drama queen. 
True Divas avoid the drama. I am extremely creative and entrepreneurial. I love to sew, craft, entertain and decorate. I am the queen of simple, easy and inexpensive D.I.Y. projects for home and fashion.

I created Diva Glass Slippers (fabric wearable coasters and unique identifiers for stemware) out of necessity and they embody my creativity and love of sewing, crafting and decorating! I originally made DGS for a birthday party I was throwing for myself when I decided I wanted an easy and guaranteed way for my guests to keep track of their glass for the evening and avoid – at all costs- the proverbial party lament ‘is this my glass?

Since I sew a lot, I have quite a bit of fabric at my disposal so I quickly fashioned slippers for the martini, wine and margarita glasses I planned to use for the party, added charms and dressed the glasses on two different drink carts (I love rolling drink carts!) As my guests arrived and were shown their glass choices everyone oooh’d and aaah’d at the beautiful presentation and quickly chose a glass they ‘liked’ based on the slipper and hence, knew their glass all evening! I later gave sets of four slippers and a matching bottle bag as Christmas gifts and promptly began receiving calls asking if they could buy some of those ‘slippers’ for gifts. And the rest is Herstory.

Growing up I needed to be creative because we couldn’t necessarily buy the clothes I wanted for myself and my collection of 11.5″ fashion dolls – so I learned to sew and made them myself. I have been sewing since I was 10 years old when my dear mother taught me after I grew impatient with how long it was taking her to finish an outfit for me! I loved the outfits she would make for me. Once she showed me, I was instantly hooked and haven’t stopped. My sewing has been prolific extending to home and personal fashion accessories, gifts, upholstering, outfits, etc. and generally have folks asking me “did you make THAT, too?” I also teach the fine art of sewing.

I absolutely THRIVE on my creativity. I cannot wait to share my creative doings with you!

Jacquelyn, The Creatriss

P.S. I love to talk!
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